The Paris Bracelet

About the Designer

The Paris Bracelet
The Paris Bracelet by Les Interchangeables is an inspired line of fashion jewelry conceived by French entrepreneur Audrey Bot. Designed as an effortless way to bring color and sparkle to all the facets of your life, the full collection is handmade in our Paris atelier with couture-quality stretch ribbon and genuine Swarovski® Crystals. Adjustable and water-resistant, each style is available in a rainbow of fashion-forward colors, and we are constantly launching new options! From the beach, to the office, to girl’s night out… the look is incredibly versatile, and always super chic.

The Paris Bracelet

The Brand
As a girl, Audrey was always designing and creating on her sewing machine, with a deep-seated passion for the decorative arts. After spending the first part of her career learning the family business alongside her father, she also developed an entrepreneurial mindset and an appreciation for the value of hard work, determination, ambition and perseverance. This invaluable combination gave her the confidence to launch her first endeavor in 2007 – an ingenious concept of interchangeable, decorative bra straps. Designed to be shown, rather than hidden, the idea was a huge success as it addressed an issue that all women could relate to.

Soon Audrey’s living room was overflowing with yards of embroidered ribbon as she raced to fulfill orders. Eventually, she approached Swarovski to partner with her to develop a new concept – the creation of a line of stretchable, adjustable bracelets decorated with crystals. Imaginative, playful and luxe, the line developed quickly and acquired “must have” status in the accessories category in France and throughout Europe.

By 2014, The Paris Bracelet had become a juggernaut, with a full accessories collection and an international presence with over 2,000 points of sale all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.
Today, Audrey continues to innovate in the accessory space – she always has a new approach, a unique twist on accessible, luxurious and functional fashion. The embodiment of the brand, you’ll always find her with a different stack of bracelets, and each has a story. Her passion, savoir-faire and inimitable sense of style are the force behind the brand.

Care Instructions
If for some reason your bracelet comes undone, don´t worry... it´s not broken! The Paris Bracelet is designed to be adjustable, so it´s easy to tighten or loosen according to your preference. Sometimes in the process, the ends of the ribbon may slip out of the disk. If this happens, you can quickly re-tie for a secure, comfortable fit! The Paris Bracelet is water-resistant, so you can wear it in the shower, on the beach and during your workout. That being said, it is a handmade item, so treat it gently! If your bracelet needs a refresh or to be cleaned, simply hand wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent if necessary. Allow to air-dry, then adjust fit and slide on gently to avoid over-stretching the ribbon.

Crystals (and their attachment to the bracelet) have a one-year limited warranty.