Size Diagram

French Jewelry Sizing


French sizes are different from US sizes. Please take a moment to compare both and pick the size that will fit you best. In order to do so, you will need to measure the finger where you want the ring to be:


We cannot be responsible for determining your ring size. Choosing the correct ring size is the responsibility of the customer, as people differ in the way in which they like their rings to fit… Some customers wear them loosely, while others like to wear them on the tighter side.


In order to choose the ideal size for your bracelet, measure your wrist size and add 0.5 to 1cm depending on your preferences, if you like wearing it tight or a bit looser. 

Medium: 16 cm
Large: 17.5 cm
X Large: 18,2 cm

If you don’t see your size, please let us know and we will contact the vendors to see if we can customize your order.


Bangles are one size fit all. Their pliability makes it easy to adapt to your wrist.


Necklace measurements diagram


1in = 2.54cm