Clio Blue

About the Designer

Clio Blue
Clio Blue is a brand of jewelry that is authentic and is positioned at the top of the line of the “bijoux fantaisies”.

Clio Blue Collection

The Brand
Annie Buisson created Clio Blue on the first day of April, 1981, with the desire to design unique and timeless silver jewelry collections to suit all occasions, day or night. And since it was April Fool’s Day, it was only natural that the fish became the brand’s emblem. Ever since, it has featured in every collection, in all different shapes and sizes. A symbol of luck and wisdom, even today it remains an abundant source of inspiration.

Annie’s designs, made of sterling silver and turquoise, were met with immediate success and the brand is now renowned in the world of upscale costume jewelry. Clio Blue has become a reference and vehicle for the values of elegance and authenticity in France and abroad.

In 2011, Patrick Morineau bought Clio Blue, committed to continuing the adventure by developing new ranges. The Clio Blue watch range took off and “Lui de Clio”, the men’s collection, was created.
Our jewelry is produced mainly in France, with some in Italy, and sold under a certificate of quality and warranty. The quality control and the after-sales service are performed at the head office in our Paris showroom.

Care Instructions
One of the best ways to prevent sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing is by wearing it. Be aware that there are certain substances and chemicals that can cause sterling silver to corrode. Keep your jewelry away from household chemicals, chlorine, sunlight, body lotion, hairspray, etc.

Clio Blue has a 1-month limited warranty against any defects in fabrication.