Caroline Najman

About the Designer

Caroline Najman
The collections are inspired by themes selected according to the trends set by Haute Couture designers. Each piece is conceived and designed by Caroline, whose prime desire is to offer women affordable jewels that they can adapt to suit their personalities and preferences. The collections are often minimalist, with great attention to detail in order to turn jewels into fashion accessories. These are «second skin» delicate and sophisticated jewels that perfectly match one another.

Caroline has a passion for gems and is constantly on the lookout for new inspirations in Jaipur, India. Caroline is a very creative and unconventional designer who constantly invents color associations to offer her customers a broad range of possibilities, with sometimes up to 50 different combinations.

Caroline Najman photo

The Brand
After graduating in finance, this young woman from Paris moves a first time to the US to study marketing, then a second time to sunny Florida to live her own American dream. In Miami, as Caroline misses the Parisian vibe and fashion, she develops a passion for gems. The colors of the city and her enthusiasm for this new life path influence her to the point of creating her own eponymous jewelry brand in 2008, after moving back to Paris. I’ve always loved the US and the incredible energy you find there; it boosts us and makes us outdo ourselves.

Jewels are handmade in Paris. Gold plate is certified 2 microns and silver 925 thousandths. We mostly use a 1 millimeter diamond-tipped forçat chain. The gems come from India where they are cut by craftsmen. Once in France, Caroline selects them according to their flawlessness.

Care Instructions
Oxidation of the jewelry is a natural phenomenon that can be accentuated by skin acidity and its use. This process can be accelerated if the metal is in contact with foreign substances such as perfume, beauty products, air spray, chlorine, etc. Oxidation is not a defect.
It is, however, suggested to remove your jewelry before taking a bath, working out or going to sleep.
1-year limited warranty covering fabrication and material defect. Depending on the case, the jewelry will be repaired, exchanged or reimbursed.
The warranty does not cover jewelry that has not been cared for properly or used in a proper way.
In the event the repair asked is not covered by the warranty (or the warranty has expired), ​Caroline Najman can offer a repair at your cost (if beads and other pieces are available).